It’s no question the Philippines is still new to remote work. Before the pandemic, employees devote a huge amount of time commuting. Jobs have changed a lot since then. Now working from home, most people are aware they have more time than ever. The statement is true, in a way.  We are more relaxed now and do not have to worry about traffic. But personally, it is better to dedicate more time than most think. Here are a few reasons why:

Mental Preparation

I use my time before work to prepare mentally and get to my senses. If you find it hard starting work early like me, then this is a must. It’s always expected to have a long day at work. With this, be sure to ready yourself first thing upon waking up. We don’t have the hassle of commuting that “awakens” us anymore. I, myself, wake up an hour or two before my work hours. In my routine, I always start with breakfast to fuel me in the morning then proceed to take a shower. This is one way for me to remove my drowsiness. And with still spare time, I scroll a bit in social media. By the time of my schedule, I’m fully awake and ready to get work done. But one solution is not fit for all. Try to find the morning routine that will give you energy and focus.

Preparation of Resources

In remote work, we heavily rely on technology. It is recommended to prepare your needs early before work. One is to check the status of your internet connection. The Philippines is known to be poor in this area so be cautious. If you’re having slow and inconsistent speed tests, it is best to have backup Wi-Fi. I suggest having pre-paid routers in case of internet emergencies. Just make sure to spot the area of your home with a strong signal. Your computer might have sudden updates too, especially if you’re a Windows user. These may take a while at times to be completed. And if you don’t download updates, the computer might not perform at its peak.  Setting a time allowance for these preparations will remove one’s panics and worries and still have time to resolve the problem.

Preparation of the Daily Agendas

Additional time also allows me to review my tasks for my shift. If needed, I list the jobs that are to be accomplished within the day. In my experience, work can flow more smoothly if this is done. Take note that being organized in a work-from-home set-up can bring benefits. One important aspect of this is relieving stress. Working remotely is already draining so cluttering tasks may overwhelm you later on. In the Philippines, various methods are being used for a more efficient work-from-home set-up. Employees experiment on ways since we’re all still coping with the transition. Personally, having a list of agendas helps balance time throughout the whole day. On another, I become aware of my schedule and what to prioritize. This allows me to be more productive, resulting in additional spare time. Or even better, I can get off from work earlier at times. How you start your day can reflect your whole shift.

Possible Emergencies Before Work Hours

Sometimes, sudden work emergencies or news can’t be avoided. I encountered having the need to contact your colleagues about an urgent matter. Even in working from home, jobs still require collaboration and communication. There are times where I needed to confirm the unexpected cancellation of meetings. Response time may take longer considering we’re in the remote work set-up. It is also possible to be on the receiving end once in a while. I don’t want to miss any announcements that are related to my work. Some jump right into the duties a few minutes after getting up from bed. But, it will be much stressful to deal with these during work hours.

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By: N. Quizon
Worky Online Contributor

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