COVID-19 came to our lives so abruptly early 2020 last year that no one had the chance to prepare for it, really. Last March 2020, when Metro Manila was placed on “Lockdown” or Enhanced Community Quarantine, everyone thought it would be over in a month. Two months the most, maybe? At first, Filipinos were somewhat calm about it. But then a month turned into two, three, four and so on.

Welcoming 2021

We have just welcomed the New Year a few days ago, and not much has changed about our living conditions with this pandemic. Sure, rules are more lax now when it comes to curfew and the like, but you can still feel the restriction of doing things you want but can’t. I know of several people as well who have not been employed since the outbreak of this pandemic. At the start of it all, the Philippines had an all time high unemployment rate of 17.6%. This was from April of 2020. Fast forward to October 2020, unemployment rate still remained high but only at 8.7%. The number is still high but improving. Even so, I still know of several people who belong to the statistics and sadly, are still unemployed.

What should you be doing anyways if you’re unemployed? I came up with five ways to help ease the situation if you are currently out of work or in between jobs:

1. Be patient with your job applications.

Job portals are your best friend. It is such a good thing that Filipinos are at par with more developed countries when it comes to anything online. Since going out is not an option, job banks like offer aid for us and our job seeking woes. What I particularly like about this job portal is it is a job matching platform and it matches me with the jobs that are fit with my credentials and skills. With that said, make sure you are truthful in all the details you input to get optimal results! Also, never stop applying! You have to understand as well that there is probably a surge in job applicants from the recruiter’s end. Just be patient and never stop trying.

2. Work around a schedule.

To be honest, the past months of being in quarantine at home has made me lose track of the time and days. I was unemployed for a time last year and what forced me to get back on my feet was keeping a schedule of my tasks. My typical day then was having breakfast, exercising for a bit, and focusing my energy on job portals or job banks. My target was applying to 30 companies a day. Don’t spend idle time on social media and be productive! Invest in self learning while you have plenty of free time.

3. Keep on moving.

Being home for months can really make us lazy. Personally, I have been on a sedentary lifestyle since March 2020. I have gained weight like crazy and I always feel sluggish. Eventually, I snapped out of it and started moving. Always squeeze in short workouts in your routine to get that blood pumping. As they say, health is wealth! It also helps you keep a sharp mind!

4. Be creative.

It might be a good time to consider being crafty and perhaps allot a little time in a side business. You can incorporate a small home business in your schedule while you are unemployed. Us Filipinos are known to be resilient people! You will be surprised how we manage to survive even if the going gets tough for us.

5. Ask for help.

It is okay to ask for help. It does not hurt to reach out to a friend and explore employment opportunities from those within your circle first. Do not limit yourself to job portals. Socialize, even if it is just virtually, as you never know what opportunities it might bring. Also, it does not make you less of a person if you accept help from your parents for the time being. Lean on your circle of trust at times like these! They will be more than willing to help you get through this!

Don’t be discouraged if you still haven’t found employment at this time. The Philippine economy is slowly opening again and I’m sure a new job awaits you! The important thing is you never stop making an effort.

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By: Lisa M.
Worky.PH Online Contributor


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