Since the onset of the pandemic, businesses in the Philippines have transitioned digitally already. Some jobs are now being done in a remote work set-up. Recruitments are being done with the help of job portals. Artificial intelligence is even being integrated in the processes of companies. Conducting job interviews have adapted too with the help of video conferencing. There are multiple platforms available for video calls and online meetings. But, there is one application that stands out from the rest today.

A Virtual Space for Meetings

“I have a Zoom meeting later!”. “I’ll send you a Zoom invite!”. These are some of the phrases commonly used nowadays, even here in the Philippines. Such terms have already become part of conversations. But what  is Zoom and why has it become a staple in video conferencing?

Zoom is a video communications software that allows users to conduct video conferences and webinars. It also comes with features of live chats and screen sharing for presentations. The application is available for use on computers and even smartphones. But Zoom’s popularity came only in the recent years. Back then, it was Skype that was leading the industry. Now, other options are also present such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Even so, should your company use Zoom for your interviews? Here are some reasons why most consider the software as the top of its class right now.

Free for Applicants

Hosts can create a room for 40-minute meetings with a free account. Participants can even join the conference even without an account. You only need to download the software beforehand. That is one of the main advantages of Zoom. The whole recruitment process can be done via video call instead of requiring applicants for a face-to-face interview. Recruiters can browse through the job seekers of their liking and paper screen them right away through job portals like Worky. After which, you can simply send Zoom invitations through e-mail for the interview.

Schedule Meetings Beforehand

Through Zoom, you can also schedule the conference beforehand. The time and date can be set for a convenient recruitment process. The meeting can also be linked with Google Calendar and you can include the e-mail addresses of the applicants. The platform will go to work and notify both parties few minutes before the schedule. Passwords may also be set for the security of the virtual room. “Zoom bombing” has been experienced by some where uninvited people joined a conference accidentally. This issue doesn’t just happen in the Philippines, but globally. Now with passwords known only by the host and the participants, the interview will surely be undisturbed.

Record and Transcribe Interviews

Are your written notes about the candidates during the interview not enough? It was announced in 2019 that Zoom partnered with Otter offers speech recognition that can digitally transcribe meetings through artificial intelligence. Zoom can also let you record the meeting and save it locally to your computer. You now have the transcript and video recording of the interviews. This way, you can easily get back to each of the applicants’ answers. Surely, it is a responsibility of a company to accurately evaluate its candidates. Repercussions may be experienced if this is not properly done. Having the interview recordings, you can also discuss your recruitment decisions with your team.

Ease of Use

Zoom is also easy to use even for first-time users. This is because of the simplicity of the software’s interface. Participants can easily turn their microphone and cameras on or off. These are easily located at the bottom-most panel during the call. Do you have a presentation for the applicant? Hosts can also share their screen without hassle in Zoom. Parties can make themselves familiar with the application at ease. The software is designed even for people who are not tech-savvy and this is one reason why Zoom became so popular despite having competitors.

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By: N. Quizon
Worky Online Contributor

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