Is it your first time applying for a job? Did you know that most first timers make several mistakes during their very first job application? To add to that, they almost always end up grabbing the very first offer that recruiters offer them! Job hunting is not something to be taken hastily. Signing a job employment contract more so!

Before signing that job offer, make sure to consider these 5 deciding factors:

1. Will this job give you growth?

There are some jobs that are robotic. Robotic in the sense that your duties and responsibilities will not require you to think any further than what you are tasked to do. Sure, having a 9-6 job which pays the bills feels good. But, as time passes by, the routine of your work will become dull especially if there is no challenge. Having no growth is hard. There are also some positions that are dead end. This means that there is no room for a promotion anymore. Do you really want to be stuck in a job like this where there is no room for growth?

2. Does this company have a good reputation?

Before you applied, I am sure you did your research on the company of your interest. Does the company have a good reputation? How is the frequency of turnover with their employees? If employees are staying in the company, then chances are the company treats their staff good. I have experienced working for big corporations in Makati but the turnover of their employees are fast – most don’t even reach a year!

3. Will this job hone your skills for the better?

I remember when I was a fresh graduate in the year 2000s. A big corporation offered me to be a Copywriter. Me, not being in my right mind and very anxious to land my first job, said yes to the job immediately. Back then, I didn’t really know what a Copywriter does. But surely, I knew it was not related to my course – I was a Finance graduate! Too late though, I already signed the employment contract. I was too scared of not having a job that I immediately went with the first company that offered me one. During my short one month at work, I knew that I wasn’t going to get any skills that I wanted to be a successful banker in that company. The ending was, I didn’t even last two months. A very bad impression for my future employers.  Always remember that to be able to achieve your goal, you must do meaningful work related to it as well.

4. Will this job give me wealth?

Check your skillset you have and compare it with what the salary package that the company is offering you. Is the pay reasonable? A lot of job seekers think that just because the “market” rate for a specific position is X amount, it should automatically apply to them as well. You must be reasonable and assess if your skills match the offer. Also, I have known of people who have small salaries but have saved up more than those making double of their pay. It all boils down to how responsible you are with money.

5. Will this job satisfy your career appetite?

I cannot stress this enough. Working in a big corporation feels really good. There’s a sense of pride in mentioning the big company’s name whenever people ask where you are currently working. But, is working for a this company enough to satisfy your career appetite? If yes, take the job!

At the end of the day, there are so many factors to consider before joining a company but no job offer will satisfy all these five factors at the same time. You can be earning a lot but not growing professionally and mentally. On the other side of the spectrum, you can be earning less but  getting the experience that will be enough to make your career soar high in the future. So, a final advice to all the first time job applicants out there, enjoy the job hunting process! Choose which job can offer you the best package for your overall sense of fulfilment wisely. Always remember, no job can ever satisfy all factors as well. Always weigh the pros and cons!

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By: Katrina V.
Worky.PH Online Contributor

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