The pandemic has truly hit the economy hard. Companies experienced losses and numerous employees were laid off. Business World reported a 10.3% unemployment rate in the Philippines for 2020. This is record-setting adding to the fact that the 2019 rate was doubled. The numbers tell that about 4.5 million Filipinos are looking for jobs. Even so, a number of openings are still available. With adjustments of the businesses, the demand for remote employees went up since last year. Recruitment has become mostly digital also due to the situation. I’m one of the unemployed back then and I know job hunting was going to be more challenging. With that, I took advantage of technology and searched for vacancies in various ways.

Job Portals

Using job portals is the best way to job hunt in the Philippines today. You might be asking why, right? Besides the pandemic, companies are starting to adapt to technological changes. This type of platform is emerging to cover the hiring needs of businesses. Without a doubt, these are here to stay for the long run. Firms are starting to invest in such sites because of the convenience they bring. And as an applicant, everything is made easier too! I was able to filter openings tailored to my field and college program. Also, I narrowed my options in terms of locations. So if you prefer work-from-home or nearby assignments like me, you can state it in the filters. In this platform, I was well-informed about the jobs as well. First, the duties and responsibilities are clearly stated by the company. Second, you will be aware of the salary range too. Lastly, benefits are mentioned in the post as well. With these, you can easily evaluate your options. Plus, the application process using job portals is quite fast. Simply build your profile and resume and you can already apply with a click!

Social Media

Another way I looked for vacancies was through Facebook. Job portals are effective but another tool won’t hurt. Maximize the social media platform by joining groups about recruitment. I’m a member of various groups and it has been really helpful. Numerous start-ups and human resource representatives from companies post their openings in these. Sometimes you even get a sense of comfort if a fellow university alumnus is the recruiter. If interested, you can easily reach them as well through their social media profile. Follow the pages of various firms too as much as possible. Companies often make it known whenever they are hiring. It is very seldom that the public usually visits their websites first. As a result, Facebook has been the bridge for them to communicate their vacancies.

Word of Mouth

If you’re job hunting, never underestimate the power of word of mouth. I asked my batch mates for openings that they know of. We even helped each other by making a spreadsheet and compiling every opportunity that we saw. The list includes the company, the position, and the contact person of each vacancy. Try to do the same with those within your circle.  Hearing from professionals for job recommendations is an option too so don’t be shy. Maximize your connections, especially the ones you built during your college days.

Why Use All?

The goal is to find as many vacancies as possible because searching for jobs is much difficult now. As said, the unemployment rate greatly increased in the Philippines. Few companies are hiring since most have downsized due to the pandemic. So as long as you think you’re fit for the positions you saw, it wouldn’t hurt to apply. But make sure you’re comfortable with the duties as well before proceeding. Having more options means that you’ll likely find the employment perfect for you.

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By: N. Quizon
Worky Online Contributor


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