Are you feeling blue lately because of your current employment status? A big percentage of Filipinos are still unemployed because of the effects brought about by COVID-19. Pre-pandemic times, it was already hard enough as it is to find a stable and full time job. Many Filipinos are also into part-time jobs rather than full-time ones. If you look at job portals like Worky, you will see that the hiring demand is still there. There was never a shortage of companies who are looking for jobs. Even if we are in the middle of a pandemic, hiring demands continue to rise.

If you are currently in between jobs, unemployed or looking for a new career opportunity, check out the jobs that are in demand and still hiring these days:

1. Customer Service Representative

Did you know that the Business Processing Industry (BPO) is the leading industry in the world? In the Philippines, English is considered as our second language. Most Filipinos can speak the language fluently and without any accent making us a crowd favorite as the leading BPO provider in the world! BPO companies are also considered as a top economic contributor in the country! This is why it is no surprise that this industry is always hiring CSRs for voice and non-voice positions! I’m sure you’ve noticed companies like Alorica aggressively hiring despite the pandemic! You can apply for vacant positions in Alorica here.

2. ESL Teacher

There is an increase in demand for ESL teachers especially since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country. English as Second Language or ESL teachers also have flexible schedules and the luxury of working from home! You only need the basic stuff to be an ESL teacher – a stable internet connection, a computer and headsets!

3. Digital Marketing Specialist

Companies that offer digital marketing services have boomed during this pandemic! Did you know that majority of the companies in the Philippines still like to kick it back old-style? Traditional businesses are those that have yet to step out of their comfort zones and digitize their business. Oftentimes, examples of these are businesses that are still fully operated by first generation businessmen. With the onset of this pandemic, most of these traditional businesses had no choice but to finally digitize their business. By digitizing, they have to make their mark in social media because there was no other way to put your product out there anyway! Because of this demand, several companies started looking for digital marketing specialists which can help their companies more modern and well known!

4. Programmer

Pandemic or not, programmer positions have always been in demand in the Philippines! If you browse through job vacancies in different job bank sites, recruiters and companies are always looking to fill this position! Check out companies that are hiring for programmer positions at Worky here.

5. Copywriter

What does a copywriter do? The name speaks for itself: he writes in behalf of clients! Copywriting is not limited to articles or blog posts, it goes as extensive as writing content for your company’s brand or products! This position is highly in demand especially since many companies use blog contents and the like for their SEO.

So if you are still weighing your options on which career path to take during this pandemic, we hope we have narrowed down your choices and helped you get a glimpse of which industries and positions to consider! Happy job hunting!

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By: Lisa M.
Worky.PH Online Contributor

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