There are two kinds of people in this world: the introvert and the extrovert. Personally, I consider myself as an introvert as I am very shy and want to avoid social interaction at all cost. Sure, I enjoy hanging out with friends but I keep it minimal. I only have a few group of friends which I feel comfortable to be with. I definitely do not enjoy networking events or going to parties where I don’t know more than five people. The thought of doing public speaking or presentations in groups really scare me as well. Back in college, I remember my fear of looking for a job after graduating. The anxiety of having to be interviewed and mingling with new people was real. I also remember that I spent a lot of time thinking of possible career routes to take given my introvert personality.

If you are like me, wondering what jobs you can take for minimal social interaction, here are ten jobs to consider:

1. Researcher / Analyst

Researchers or analysts are heavy on studying data. They value the concentration and dedication required in doing written reports or studies.

2. Executive Chef

Working as an executive chef is perfect for an introvert. You do the sourcing, preparation and cooking of meals for your client. The only person executive chefs typically interact with is the client himself. This is definitely a “One Man Show” job.

3. Computer Programmer

When you are doing programming work, may it be designing or developing, you are usually in the zone and have minimal interaction with your peers. This is an ideal career if you enjoy utmost concentration when working.

4. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant requires you to be online for most of your work day. Most of your clients and bosses interact with you through email as well making verbal communication minimal and physical interaction practically non-existent.

5. Private Nurse or Care Giver

Working as a private nurse or care giver requires your complete attention on your patient. Your typical day is circled around your patient alone only.

6. Content Writer

Writers live for the peace and quiet which writing brings. If you noticed, several writers go on retreat somewhere to concentrate on their current project. Most content writing jobs are also done on a Work From Home setup!

7. Graphic Designer

Like the writer, designing requires concentration. If you notice, most designers have music plugged on their ears during work time. The only time he interacts with his teammates is for delegation of tasks or turnover of final work for approval.

8. Video Editor

Video editing is similar to graphic designing in more ways than one. Working on a video project requires concentration and meticulous skills for introverts.

9. Machine Operator

Being a machine operator is usually a solo flight job. Some examples are those that operate a production machine and constructions cranes or excavators. Working on jobs like such require concentration. One wrong mistake can result to an accident.

10. Veterinarian

Veterinarians love interacting most especially with animals! This is a perfect career choice if you prefer the company of your fur babies.

Not Everyone Fits The Mold

Every person is different. We have different traits, different outlooks in life and different tastes. There is a stigma that introverts are snobbish but that is not true at all. Some people just prefer peace and quiet, especially during work. Some also prefer to work solo rather than in big groups, myself included. It’s great that some jobs are geared towards people with a personality like ours. The jobs I have enumerated are the top 10 careers in my head for people like me. Setting this list aside, there are so much more career opportunities fit for introverts out there. My advice: just keep on applying until you find the right fit for you! Check out for some job opportunities which you might be interested in!

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By: Mariel T. Online Contributor

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