In today’s world, social media can be considered the main form of communication. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a few of the most popular social networks in the Philippines. Its main purpose is to keep us in touch with our family and friends and make new connections as well. However, social media is not all about scrolling through posts and sharing funny videos. What can be used personally can also benefit you professionally. As a matter of fact, it can be a powerful tool in job hunting and recruitment opportunities. In fact, studies show that 92% of companies utilize social media for recruitment. This is why you should start taking advantage of social media in order to widen your network and increase your chances of landing a job. Here are 5 social media hacks that you can try in order to find a job and get hired.

Join social network groups

As a job seeker, you want to be able to connect with as many people as you can. By joining social network groups related to your industry, you will widen your network and therefore maximize your chances of getting more job opportunities. Joining Facebook and LinkedIn groups will allow you to explore various career opportunities and meet professionals in your industry. Interact with job openings, engage in conversations and inquire about career interests to make your job hunting and networking more convenient.

Create a portfolio website

It is difficult to showcase your skills and talents in a job interview without validation. Usually, getting accepted depends on the way you present yourself and how you answer questions during the interview. This is why it is a good idea to create a portfolio website or page where you can showcase your best works. If you’re a blogger, you can cover your best articles and blogs in your portfolio. Moreover, you can also include your personal information, experiences, awards, and accomplishments. Creating an attractive portfolio is an easy way to advertise yourself and impress recruiters.

Keep a professional profile

In the hiring process, recruiters often do background checks on your social media accounts. They review your pictures, what you post, and basically your entire online presence. Before you apply, make sure you delete controversial posts and inappropriate photos as they can leave a bad impression. A good way to check your online presence from another person’s perspective is to google yourself. Search your name and see whether what pops up are appropriate or professional. If there’s any content that could give recruiters a bad impression, delete or hide them.

Use it as a research tool

Social media is not only for stalking people and checking your favorite artist’s accounts. Social media can also be used as an effective research tool to learn about the organization you’re planning to apply to. Follow their social media pages and subscribe to their social accounts to allow yourself to stay updated on their events, especially on job openings. Moreover, looking into companies will give you an idea about their company culture and help you gauge if your values align with theirs. The more knowledge you have about them, the better your chances are of getting hired. Also, you can interact with their posts to get their attention as this will increase your odds of getting recognized.

Create a job portal profile

A useful and easy way to land a job is through job portals. A job portal, like Worky, allows applicants to conveniently explore job openings and find a wide variety of career opportunities. In job portals, applying has never been easier and faster. You can filter your searches in order to effortlessly find jobs suitable for you. Plus, most job portals are equipped with AI technology which can easily match you with ideal jobs and help you find detailed job descriptions and make new connections. Lastly, it is also a platform where you can showcase your resumes, achievements, and experiences. I suggest investing your time in creating a job portal profile. It’s like a one-stop-shop for job applications!

As a job applicant, you need to find ways to be more resourceful in job hunting. Job searching in classified ads in newspapers is now a thing of the past. Social media websites are quick, effective, and convenient platforms for looking for job opportunities. Be sure to utilize them to your advantage.


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By: X. Borja
Worky Online Contributor

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