As all of you are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic made the companies in the Philippines suddenly shift to virtual activities. Posting job openings are now done online and so are the conferences. Meeting physically is difficult nowadays and this is how the corporate world adapts. Most employers allow their employees to work remotely.  The same goes for the whole job hiring process.  You must already have in mind some tips during an interview if you already landed one. But, you should also know what to do before so you’re better prepared.

Study Up

After the company confirms your interview, the first thing to do is to study. Most applicants just look for job openings, apply, then hope for the best. If you want to impress your employer, this shouldn’t be the process. It doesn’t matter if they are an international company or from the Philippines. You must spend time in researching about them. Learn what they do, their mission and vision, and their values. Some employers tend to drop questions asking your opinions about these. Also, common job interview questions can be thrown even in an online setting. It is important to be aware on how to respond to these. Reading or watching videos can help you be more prepared. If ever these are brought up by your interviewer, you would surely be ready, comfortable, and confident.

Prepare Your Set-up

Consider what your interviewer will see and hear. Devote a space or room where you’ll be alone for your job interview. Unnecessary noise should be limited to avoid disturbance. Your area should also be well-lit so you can be seen clearly. But take note of what’s behind you as well. Be sure that your background is decent and free from distractions. You can also enable virtual backgrounds if you prefer. Just be mindful that the image you’ll use must be professional in nature.

Learn the Platform

Job openings are posted in different sites for the preference of the companies. Online video conferences may also be done in different platforms, depending on the host. The most common is Zoom but there’s also Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Some international companies even use HireVue for their job interviews. It is certain that your employer will inform you where the virtual interview will be held. No matter what will be used, familiarize yourself with the software beforehand. Navigate around the platform on your own to learn about the settings for the microphone and camera. Take note also when are these turned off or on. You don’t want to be speaking while not knowing you’re on mute during the interview.

Assess Your Computer

Before you enter the online meeting room, make sure that a quick run through on your computer was made. Minutes before the job interview, check your device for any updates. There are instances when gadgets don’t perform at their peak if pending updates present. Be sure to check your camera as well. Prepare a virtual background too if you like. Lastly, double check the sounds – both input and output. Test and adjust the speaker volume beforehand. Also, it is important to note if your microphone produces clear audio. This way, you will already find out as well if any background noise is disrupting your voice.

Check your Wi-Fi

We all know the internet situation here in the Philippines. The country has slow internet connections compared to other countries. With this, be sure to conduct tests frequently before your schedule. You will be able to know the condition of your Wi-Fi earlier and have time to restart your router if needed. The most popular site to test your internet is If possible, have a back-up connection too. Pre-paid Wi-Fi is a great substitute because you don’t need to spend on this regularly. Simply load up your router if you have an important event, like your job interview. So in case anything goes wrong with your connection, you have another Wi-Fi to connect to. Just make sure to find the perfect area in your home where the signal is strong. Remember that being prepared for internet disruptions is key in online conferences.

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By: N. Quizon
Worky Online Contributor

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