We’re on the second to the last month of the year! The Philippine economy felt like it was on snooze mode all throughout the year 2020. Filipinos welcome the New Year last January with so much hope and enthusiasm for the blessings and opportunities which we thought this year would bring. Instead, on March 2020, the Philippines was placed on an Enhanced Community Quarantine  (ECQ) due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Although ECQ has been lifted and the economy  is starting to pick up its pace, life as we know has been completely changed.

Unemployment Rate at a Glance  

Filipinos who continue to have jobs are really lucky. A big percentage though either got retrenched, received salary reductions or are still unable to find a job at this time. According to Inquirer.net, Social Weather Stations (SWD) Survey reports that “unemployment rate has slightly eased down from record-high 45.5 percent”. Current rate now is at 39.5 percent. On Facebook alone, I see a big percentage of people looking for work. Majority of them are still in their youth or belong to Generation Z, those born from 1995 to 2012. Why does the youth of today experience difficulties in job seeking though? Are jobs really scarce nowadays or is there a growing increase with Lazy Job Seekers?

I have collected top three telltale signs that a person is a Lazy Job Seeker (LJS):

1. LJS is entitled.

Pandemic or not, a good and decent job is hard to come by. There are a lot of factors why someone is not getting hired. It could be that they are under qualified, they lack certain skills or do not possess the qualifications said company is looking for. But, did you know, that oftentimes, these reasons are secondary to why some people cannot find a job? A great number of today’s youth job seekers are entitled. They think that the work opportunity has to come to them and they do not even exert one bit of effort to go job hunting. LJS is also  supported by parents or family members who are earning enough for them. Therefore, LJS doesn’t see the need to prioritize job applications.

2. LJS is all talk and no action.

LJS will really not get hired if they don’t even bother to apply. Signing up for a job seeker account and applying for a good ten minutes does not equate to effort! Effort means taking up time to complete your job seeker through job board site like Worky.ph and actually investing time to apply to companies you like. I noticed that LJS also likes to complain that he or she has no job but doesn’t even do something productive to lift himself out of the situation.

3. LJS refuses to adapt.

Who would have thought that a pandemic is still possible in today’s modern era? I have several peers who have changed careers since the outbreak of COVID-19 and they are doing pretty well despite doing a totally different line of work from they were accustomed to. Kudos to these guys! LJS however, is still making up excuses on why she cannot find a job. Stop reasoning out! In today’s tough times, LJS is still unwilling to adapt and claims to want to wait out the pandemic. Dear, it’s not getting over anytime soon!

A word of advice

If you were an employer and you come across LJS, would you hire him or her? If this checklist applied to you somehow, it is never too late to change and get rid of your LJS title. I am not saying that all unemployed people are LJS. Everyone has their own set of problems when it comes to finding the right job. But, if you think you fall into any of the three reasons I’ve mentioned, I think its best to take time and reflect on your career decisions. Good things do not come to those who wait! Good things come to those who hustle despite experiencing little hardships in life! I wish everyone the best of luck in job hunting!

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By: Mariel V.
Worky.ph Online Contributor


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