COVID-19 has impacted businesses negatively and unemployment increase is just one of the examples. Filipinos though are one of the most resilient human beings on earth! It is still amazing to see how people have adapted to the pandemic. The new normal produced remote work and enhanced the importance of online-based occupations. Here are a few jobs that still remain in-demand during this pandemic:

Digital Marketer

Ever since the lockdowns were implemented, people spend a lot of their time online, mostly in social media platforms. Companies also need to promote their brands due to the circumstances in the business world. Because of these factors, the demand for digital marketers is being on a rise. Traditional advertising is not effective nowadays, especially because of the quarantine restrictions. Businesses now turn to digital marketing as the sole method to put their brand on the map. But, there are firms who are still not comfortable in using technologies. Digital marketers fill this gap by handling their online platforms and managing the advanced side of advertisements. The job is not simple though as most thought simple marketing skills can translate in this line of work. Digital marketers are compensated for other knowledge and skills as well like SEO, SEM, and even data analysis.

Graphic Designer

With digital marketing being a need, companies also intend to communicate with the market creatively. Hiring graphic designers can massively help entrepreneurs when it comes to marketing needs. This includes crafting of social media posts, online ads, and other promotions in the form of media. Similar to digital marketers, they provide service to enhance the marketing activities of a company. Even so, expertise in software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are needed as the field is focused in communication design.

Web Developers

If there is a need for managing platforms in digital marketers and creatively communicating to consumers in graphic designers, companies must begin with the building of their sites. Businesses often make their presence known in social media but the activity is only a part digital marketing. Most don’t realize the importance of having an own website but this platform can further help in expanding the reach. Web developers are responsible for the creation and designing of websites. It is important that the interface of such platform is user-friendly to ensure that these will be effective.

Customer Service Representative and Tech Support

This is one of the most common jobs even before the outbreak of COVID-19 in the Philippines. But, the pandemic made the demand for customer service representatives and tech supports even greater. Our world shifted to digital platforms for different activities such as payments, deliveries, bookings, etc. The new normal has allowed these transactions to be performed digitally. Businesses are now in need of more customer support employees to match the digital users. It would depend, however, on the company if the employee can work remotely or has to report physically. Take note that aside from communication skills, being familiar with the platform of the company is needed for the job.

Financial Advisers

The COVID-19 situation made the public take notice of their financials and their futures. Employees were impacted with unemployment and entrepreneurs with losses. Since then, a lot of Filipinos truly recognized the need for investments. While a few MSMEs in the Philippines suffered, investing in online businesses boomed. Also, there are those who opened investment accounts to passively grow their funds.  Different institutions are hiring both part-time and full-time workers for them to up their manpower.

Online English Teachers

Unemployment rate began to rise since the pandemic so some turned to part-time jobs. The situation also made the set-up transition to work from home. With this, a number of vacancies with regards to part-time online teachers can be seen in job portals. The Philippines have been in quarantine for over a year and people are finding hobbies. Some intend to learn or develop skills such as communication skills. This raises the demand for the said job because they can cater to a range of clients. Teenagers, young adults, or adults; there are people in almost all ages who are interested in either learning a new language or improving their written and oral communication skills.

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By: N. Quizon
Worky Online Contributor

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