There is no certainty in life. As you get older, you change your mind, develop new skills, and make new decisions. This means that in your 40’s, you might not want the same things you want when you were in your 20’s or 30’s. There are plenty of reasons why many consider a career change. These reasons may include, job dissatisfaction, career burnout or just wanting a new challenge in your life. Whatever the reason may be, the question is: Is it too late for a career change at the age of 40? Definitely not! Although you might feel all the hard work you’ve poured in your career over the years will go to waste, it’s never too late to make the big switch. Here are six reasons why:

1. You are already experienced and gained transferable skills

Over the past decades, you have been able to accumulate multiple work experiences. Through different types of jobs, you have been able to hone your talents and your skills. However, abilities you learned in finance will not be completely applicable in marketing. Gaining transferable skills, however, will help you in your big change. These skills can include leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills. The experiences and skills you have acquired will boost your chances in succeeding in another career. They are already useful and practical no matter what the job description says.

2. You have built a wide network

With all the jobs and work experiences you’ve been through, you’ve surely met a lot of people.  These people can be a part of your network. They can be your reliable contacts when finding opportunities for a new career. The various professionals and experts you encountered throughout your career can be your allies. They can help you apply and find the necessary resources in making the career switch. Reach out to them when you’re unfamiliar with the industry you’re switching to or when you need help in hiring. If you’re thinking of putting up your business, your network might be of big help too!

3. Social, technological and economic changes

As you grow over the years, the world changes with you. Social, technological and economic trends in the Philippines change over a long period of time. What’s considered popular and up-to-date in your 20’s may become obsolete by the time you reach your 40’s. The career path or industry you’re in may not be profitable in the future anymore. Certain jobs can be discontinued due to automation. For example, the newspaper industry is slowly implementing digital solutions than the actual physical copy of newsletters. When this happens or is expected to happen, it may be a perfect time for a career change.

4. It will give you a new challenge

Working for decades in an industry can really get boring and draining. When you’ve been following the same routine for years, you might feel that it’s too repetitive and uneventful. The burning passion that you once had for your career might just be non-existent anymore. You may have also reached the ceiling of your career. Your job just doesn’t challenge you anymore. This is a good reason to find new career paths and shake things up. It will also keep your brain and skills active because of the new challenges you’ll encounter.

5. Better flexibility

Going after a second career path will make you more flexible as a worker. A career change will help you learn more skills, knowledge and expertise. This will make you knowledgeable and an expert in various fields of interest such as finance, hiring etc.. It will make you versatile and adaptive across different disciplines. The more knowledge you know, the more you can apply it in various real-life situations.

6. You deserve to do what you want and be happy

One important reason to change careers is because you simply deserve to be happy. Maybe you had a passion you’ve never got to pursue before. Maybe you’re experiencing job dissatisfaction or career burnout. Maybe you don’t feel happy and fulfilled with what you’re doing for a living. Maybe you want to make a huge impact on the world. Whatever the reason is, don’t hesitate to pursue your dream job, even if it means changing your career at 40.

At 40, you’re still more than capable of starting a new career. However, there are plenty of factors to consider before making a career change, especially during this pandemic. But if you have the determination, devotion and courage, age is just a number.

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By: X. Borja
Worky Online Contributor

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