The Entitled Employee. He is that employee who feels above all others. That every small deed he does for the company deserves an applause from management. He is also that employee who lives for validation from his bosses, even if his work is just mediocre. We all have heard several horror stories from colleagues about that one entitled employee in the almost every office. You can say he is the neighbourhood’s pessimist whom you feel is always out to catch someone making a mistake and whatnot. We know of them, but how do we avoid being one of them?

Here are five ways how to avoid being an entitled employee which nobody likes in today’s day and age:

1. Be flexible with your job responsibilities.

Before getting hired for a certain position, we are given a job description or JD of what our responsibilities will be like. Often times, a lot of what’s not in the JD ends up being our task as well. It’s just the way it is. The entitled employee would not like this. He thinks his job should be limited to what was presented on the JD. I have been in the corporate scene for years. Did you know our CEO even does own photocopying himself? Personally, even if I am in the Finance department, I find myself extending a helping hand to departments that are out of my work scope. Why? Because if I can help someone make his task easier, why not? One must always remember to be flexible. No one appreciates an employee who likes to choose and count his tasks.

2. Stop complaining and giving excuses pertaining to work.

An entitled employee loves complaining and giving excuses! For example, if the boss asks him to send a report within a week, he will come up with several excuses to delay it further. To be honest, I am a firm believer that you can accomplish any task if you put your mind to it. I have proven this saying over and over again and it still stands true to this date. As the famous Filipino saying goes: “ Pag gusto, maraming paraan. Pag ayaw, maraming dahilan.”

3. Avoid the mentality that work is best when you work alone.

An entitled employee has a tendency to work solo flight. He hates dealing with other officemates since he thinks his skills are no match for others. There is a reason why a company consists of several employees. Each person has a role and working together harmoniously is essential for a health work environment! You now what they say, no man is an island!

4. Treat your officemates with utmost respect.

You know the saying “A person who is nice to you but is rude to the waiter is not a nice person.”? Always remember to treat your peers at work with respect – even if they do not deserve it. In the end, how you treat others speaks a lot about yourself than of them. Always be patient and control yourself even if you are at the brink of exploding from anger.

5. Be humble.

Love yourself but never think that you are the best in a certain field. Keep the self-esteem in moderation. Accept compliments and criticism with humility at all times. Stop seeking validation as well for all your accomplishments! Your boss does not owe you a thank you for every job well done!

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By: Camille B.
Worky.PH Online Contributor

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