Filipinos who are unemployed and seeking for work rely heavily on Job Portals. I graduated college back in 2010 and I can clearly remember that most of my job seeking time was spent online. Fast forward to today, there is a growing number of Job Portal sites in the Philippines. And yet, quite a big number of people still say that they are not getting hired that easily. What are you doing wrong?

I have compiled 5 very basic mistakes you have been making which makes your hiring chances lower in Job Portal Sites:

1. Incomplete Job Seeker Profile

 I interviewed some companies who frequently post their job vacancies on multiple Job Portals and this is always reason number one. One respondent even said she gets dozens of applications in a day but when you click on their profiles, it is as if they didn’t even bother to fill out their profile details. Sending resumes to job vacancies is one thing. Actually taking time to improve your Profile in said Job portal account is another. Don’t be lazy and complete that profile!

2. Your contact numbers are impossible to reach during the day

Being in the recruitment industry, I do several call outs in a day in hopes of finding the right applicant for my client. Out of the 50 mobile numbers I call, only 50% of that actually answers their phones! My calls are always done between the reasonable hours of 10AM to 3PM. The Philippines was once dubbed as the texting capital of the world yet you will be surprised by this high number.

3. Applying for just whatever position is available

Trust me, companies know when you are like this! You don’t have to say anything; they know it right away based on your resume! It’s funny when a nursing graduate is applying for the position of Software Developer. Even more so when a business management graduate applies for the position of pharmacist! Be mindful of the job positions you are actually applying to and take time to research and assess if you are fit for the role.

4. Lack of Drive

The Philippines is at an all time high in terms of unemployment rate. You will be surprised that despite a lot of Filipinos having no jobs, people still lack drive to work! I have had several experiences of job seekers sending their CVs for a particular position. Upon doing call outs to interview them via phone, you can hear it in their voice that they don’t really want the job. Recruiters can sense if you are just applying for the sake of it. Stop trying to kid yourself; you don’t want this job! Stop wasting our time and let us focus on people who are serious with their application.

5. You are full of excuses

During COVID-19, remote hiring has been our thing. The process of hiring someone takes place in a completely  virtual setting. I had one experience where I called an applicant to schedule an interview. We went back and forth with so many schedules but surprisingly, she couldn’t make it at all. I’m sure you could have exerted a little effort to accommodate a short 20 minute phone interview? You know the saying “Kung gusto maraming paraan, kung ayaw maraming dahilan”? Yup.

The Bottom Line

Employment comes to those who put an effort to it. Despite COVID-19, believe me, a lot of companies are still hiring! Don’t use the pandemic as an excuse for your unemployment status. You always hold the power of lifting yourself out of your situation. Always remember, modern technology has paved endless possibilities for Job Hunting! We are so fortunate that applying for jobs is as easy as signing for an account and clicking that apply button! Back in the old days, people relied primarily on applying through walk ins! Let’s make sure we maximize this privilege and invest a little effort to our road to employment.

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By: Mariel V. Online Contributor

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