It’s December already. We are seeing some increase in hiring demand from select industries due to the Christmas season. We’ve seen an influx of people already going out for brunch or even going on vacations. Metro Manila’s familiar traffic situation is already “back to normal” levels as of today. The increase in job hiring demand is also noticeable now by the recruitment industry. Despite the pandemic, recruiters have become creative and welcomed video call interviews since the ECQ lockdown early this year. Even if several companies have closed and retrenched its manpower, there are still companies who are aggressively hiring nowadays.

For the employers and recruiters who are urgently looking to fill out selected roles for their hiring requirements, I have narrowed down five benefits of investing in a job portal to help you meet those demands: 

1. Curated and filtered job-seeking candidates

Employers that use other non-jobs specific sources such as Facebook and other social media channels may receive numerous applications from unqualified candidates. Why? Because anyone can apply! Being in the recruitment industry for 8 years, I know the pains of social media job posting. Since there are no advanced features for filtering candidates, oftentimes, companies may receive unwanted job applications. It is worth investing in a job portal since users of job portals or job boards are curated to be really looking for jobs. takes it a step further by recommending only suitable jobs to its users with its advanced AI-recommendation feature. Employers will likely enjoy higher matching and conversion rates for their job postings at

2. Marketing & Advertising

Recruiters know that it gets easier to hire the right candidate if the organization has good employer branding. Employers can improve this in a number of ways. Think of investing in a job portal as another advertising and marketing channel when done correctly. Employers can provide informative videos and a well-written employer background information through the profile section of job portals. This can enable employers to send the right messaging to job seekers and increase positive perception and branding. There is a reason that job postings in a job portal are considered job advertisements. By creating well thought out job descriptions,  job postings in a job portal can serve as effective advertisements. Combine this with an informative and comprehensive company profile and this will even be more appealing to job applicants. Applying best practices will surely put an employer into the top-of-mind of prospective candidates and boost an employer’s visibility in the job hiring market.

3. Legitimacy

Hand-in-hand with Marketing, companies that have job openings are seen to be more legitimate when they post in job portals. There are even recommendations by Philippine regulatory agencies such as the Department of Labor (DOLE) to regulate job postings all over the Philippine webspace. Since there are a lot of fly-by-night organizations out there doing illegal recruitment and other modus related to job hiring requirements such as fake medical testing, collecting illegal fees for a non-existent job requirement etc. tries to help solve this problem by providing job seekers a verified status for all the employers that are part of the job portal’s inventory of jobs. Investing money and time on a good job portal is worth it if you also want to show job seekers that you are a legitimate and stable employer. has a Safe Job Search policy and we want to promote responsible employment practices.

4. Comprehensive Sourcing

Job portals like invest a lot of time, money and effort in marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on its website to get the best talent possible. They also get into partnerships with various organizations from schools to other recruitment networks and referrals to get the most promising talent. Not only do job portals spend a lot of research to attract job seekers; a lot of effort is put in as well to maintain them as users. The quantity and quality of talent are one of the many factors contributing to a career portal’s value proposition. Employers who don’t have full HR Teams and a dedicated recruitment channel will definitely reap the benefits of investing in a job portal rather than doing and spending everything on their own.

5. Efficient

Job portal companies that know what they are doing can bring tremendous benefits and value to both job seekers and hiring companies alike.  It is obvious that using a job portal is more efficient than having to collect resumes offline, advertising on newspapers and asking people to drop them off at the office. We live in modern times!  Doing everything online and on computers creates a centralized approach in managing recruitment and keeping a pool of potential candidates. is tirelessly creating new solutions to make recruitment more efficient not only in terms of money but also time to hire for employers who are always looking for ways to improve on their job hiring process.

A new era has begun

As a company, you want to make sure you hire the best of the best candidates available out there. Always invest in a good job portal! Hiring personnel is the first and most vital step to ensure your company is ran by the right people so never skip this step. Should you have hiring needs, please feel free to sign up. We highly urge companies to take advantage and make use of our free postings for a limited time only!

What is

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By: Tristan Archie Ong
Managing Partner, Springboard Philippines
Managing Partner, Worky.PH

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