Technology is greatly dominant throughout the whole world. We use different kinds of technology everyday. Undoubtedly, we have become dependent on technology. From machines to gadgets, to even applications. Certainly, we use technology to make our lives more convenient and easier. More importantly, it makes our work and jobs almost effortless. In fact, maybe too effortless as artificial intelligence is taking over.

Basically, artificial intelligence puts human intellect into machines. AI programs machines and software to think like humans. Additionally. it allows computers to perform jobs and tasks like humans. Therefore, multiple industries using AI are increasing. Businesses utilize it to run business processes and workflows efficiently. Although this is great to boost performance, many workers in various industries were negatively affected. Hence, artificial intelligence puts many jobs at risk today. Here are 6 jobs that will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the near future.


Before, firms that specialize in writing content hire proofreaders. Now, there are plenty of proofreading applications and software online such as Grammarly. Even Google Docs and Microsoft Word have built-in grammar checkers. Computers and applications are now capable of detecting grammatical, spelling, and sentence errors accurately. These tools allow writers to check their own work without having to hire individual proofreading professionals.


The role of telemarketers is usually a no-brainer. The job involves calling a potential customer and explaining their products and services. This job can be easily replaced by artificial intelligence in the future. Hence, calls will soon be automatically done by a computer system. This means humans are no longer needed in making these types of phone calls.


Nowadays, hiring a bookkeeper is becoming rare. We, humans, are prone to making errors. This is why some firms prefer software or applications instead. Softwares such as Microsoft Office and QuickBooks are popular in doing bookkeeping tasks for businesses. This job is getting electronic as the bookkeeping software allows businesses to automatically keep their books in check.


Traditionally in the Philippines, receptionists handle phone calls. They are also responsible for scheduling concerns for hotels, companies, and restaurants. Now, more establishments are turning to automated phone calls and scheduling systems. These technologies are slowly replacing the job of receptionists. Also, auto check-ins are now a thing. This means that receptionists will no longer be in demand sometime in the future.


In the delivery industry in the Philippines, more companies are leaning towards the use of drones and robots in making deliveries. Automating the delivery process puts delivery jobs at risk of being obsolete. Eventually, the development of artificial intelligence will most likely allow drones and robotic devices to take over this industry.


Nowadays, advertising is done on social media platforms. Before, it was via conventional print media and TV. A lot of social media platforms now offer advertising opportunities for business owners. These online options are cheaper for people to promote their products. Additionally, it is more effective since almost everyone can be reached online nowadays. Some day, advertising salespeople might lose their jobs to technology.

The emergence of artificial intelligence has already brought big changes to the world. This is evident, especially in the business environment. It has its upsides and downsides. It made some jobs easier and more effortless. However, it put many various jobs at risk of being obsolete. If your job is at risk, consider a career change. Nonetheless, we must always remember that we cannot stop progress and we must always continue forward.

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By: X. Borja

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