Internship is often a two-way relationship in which a company gets added manpower and the trainee gains experience about the corporate world. Even in the new normal, this type of program is still present in the Philippines since both work and classes have transitioned to the online set-up. The interns are being prepared to be future employees while also completing requirements for their college/university. Most companies, especially those in Metro Manila, hire students because they see that there are more pros than cons than it may seem.

If you’re asking why, here is a short list of what interns can do for your business:

1. Increased Productivity

The most evident benefit of having interns in the company is seeing an increased productivity and efficiency. Interns or trainees have their own tasks and responsibilities that will help the organization in terms of creating outputs. With fresh minds, they can also bring creativity with new ideas depending on which department or area they are assigned to. Do not underestimate them just because they’re students. They are relying on you for guidance and you might play a big factor in unlocking their potential. Just make sure to be selective during the hiring process and that your company employs the right interns who can bring positivity in the workplace.

2. Mutual Benefits While Being Cost-effective

Even if the companies offer only allowances instead of salaries or some students work free-of-charge, internships still provide mutual benefits between the two. In relation to the previous statement, companies will be able to do more while spending less with internship programs. As for the students, they will get a first-hand experience of what the corporate world is like in the Philippines and can develop professionalism through the employer. These will be important for them once they become fresh graduates and start landing jobs as it is the learnings as interns that will stick to them, not the amount earned. Internships do not heavily involve the element of payment, but rather, the program based on the relationship created where the company provides a learning environment while the interns assist in the operations.

3. Enhance Human Resource Image

If you’re a big company in the Philippines, internship programs will add more value to your company. If you’re a start-up in Metro Manila, word can also easily spread about your office. Those who hire interns will get to be more well-known to colleges and universities after. This will translate to both getting more interns in the future and having fresh graduates apply – further strengthening the company workforce. The youth nowadays are also active in social media and in a way, connecting with them through internships can easily expand positivity about who you are and what you do.

4. Brightening up the Work Environment Amongst Employees

The presence of interns in the company will also benefit the employees. For one, they would have a lighter workload with the newcomers having their shared responsibilities to contribute to the organization. This will allow the employees to perform their jobs easier and finish their tasks faster. Having an internship program will also promote leadership and enable the employees to develop in this aspect. This is especially true for those who are yet to show their full potential. By guiding the interns, the morale and confidence of the employees may be improved since they will gain the opportunity to be mentors.

5. Possible Talent Pool

Some companies are lucky enough to find gems through internships and you might find one too! There are instances when interns exceed the employer’s expectations with outstanding performance during their stay in the organization. Because of this, the trainees are granted jobs after graduation. This is a benefit for both parties in which the company will gain a skilled and tested employee added to their workforce and the intern will already have an offer as a fresh graduate.

Unemployment rate is at an all time high these days! Most fresh graduates don’t even know how to find a job. To add to that, most companies are iffy in hiring fresh graduates because of the rigorous training needed. By having interns in your company, you are not only helping yourself – you are also helping the future leaders of tomorrow get ready for the real world after college.

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By: N. Quizon
Worky Online Contributor


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