Anti-Spamming and Scamming Policies has a strict policy against spamming and scamming.

Spam is an irrelevant or unwanted posts or messages typically sent as “commercial” electronic transmissions that advertise or sell products/services to recipients, such as, but not limited to, bulk messaging marketing materials or low-quality employment opportunities to job seekers. We consider posting spam as platform abuse although it is less menacing than fraudulent or scam behavior as there is no intent to steal information from the jobseeker.

Spamming can also come in the form of repetitive, copy & pasting of jobs, job postings and job ads in platform to attempt to game and manipulate results.

Scam or phishing email. Scammers can easily fake an official-looking email, using the same logo and design as the real company. Scams post misleading or fake job postings with malicious intent in order to deceive job seekers or platform users, such as, but not limited to, intruding questions about extended personal information which may include financial information or other information not directly related to job applicants. This also includes job postings with outlandish salaries and easy job descriptions that are meant to lure in people to defraud them.

News articles are available online from time to time as references to stay up-to-date and be well-informed of the latest spam and scam activities, as well as the available protections and safeguards against these activities.

We have a zero-tolerance spam and scam policy. Spamming and Scamming are not allowed by, as we want to make sure that the user experience is as stress-free and authentic as possible.

These are both harmful activities that deceive people out of their information and/or money. This is harmful to our jobseekers and we want to make sure that these types of opportunities do not exist on


We encourage all job seekers and platform users using to refer to the Safe Search Guidelines for optimal use of the site.

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, or are experiencing spam on, please do not hesitate to report it by using a Report A Job or Report A Message function.

Additionally, you can email us via our support ticketing system.